Job Profile
As customer’s main contact, you will aim at building and preserving a long-lasting and trustful relationship with customer. You will identify and anticipate customer’s needs in order to provide customer with high-quality commercial and technical services. You will be responsible for managing churn and customer portfolio of about 200 middle and small customers, and for business development at customers of your Area.
Your main tasks will be to
· Sells WINOA products and offers: assistance, services, tools, Premium products, trials, trainings;
· Develop new prospects;
· Visit Customers, with the aim to identify the opportunities for sales development and needs in products, technical support, trials organization or resolving of technical issues, evaluation of training needs;
· Drive the contracts negotiations aiming to long terms valuable relationship;
· Set Pricing;
· Manage the Overdues and sets relevant credit limits;
· Provide Basic technical assistance (basic machine check and process survey report) to small and medium accounts in autonomy or in coordination with Application Expert when needed, respecting group requirements in terms of quality and completeness of technical support;
· On the regular basis to provide reports to hierarchy;
· Ensure a customer follow-up on: stock control, complaints and dissatisfaction management, lost customers’ follow-up..;
· Maintain up-dated internal tools for follow up customers, collects any relevant information, including customers’ suggestions or competitors’ products;
· Montly provide Sales Forecast to adapt production to demand.

Skills & Competencies:
- Customer Focused;
- Motivated and positive, you are ready to cope with complex situations, customer’s objections and treat all outstanding points one by one;
- Well organized, you are able to work with the big volumes of information, to manage in autonomy you worktime load and the visits to customers in efficient way;
- Result oriented;
- Honest and accountable, you are able to align on company strategy;
- Good communicator, you are able to listen actively to get relevant information, catch signals throughout the negotiation, sets positive bases for the next discussion;
- English fluent will be suitable;
- Ready for travelling frequently (>50%);
- Familar with Office tools usage.
Education & Experience:
- 2-5 years Experience in Sales;
- Validated experience in technical sales to foundries, automotive industry, and metallic constructions, oil and chemical industry and generally speaking in Manufacturing environment (in particular consumable materials and equipment to industry);
- Candidates having Production experience as technologist, in maintenance or metallurgy, having a willingness to work in technical sales;
- Candidates which are familiar with technics and equipment’s, and not afraid to go into machine for its inspection, familiar with ambience and working conditions of production plants.

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