Direct report : Zone Purchasing Manager
Location : Muta, Slovenia
Department : Procurement

Job summary
For our Slovenian subsidiary ABRASIV MUTA, we are looking for a Purchaser/Buyer for a full-time work. The position is located in MUTA.

General Mission
The Buyer contributes to the value creation for the company by improving Quality, Costs & Delivery of his scope. He is WINOA representative and primary relation with the supplier over his scope of purchasing categories, he plays a key role during the negotiations. He works in a strong autonomy in the development of its activities in narrow collaboration with the various internal departments (Maintenance, Supply Chain, Quality, and Factory). He/she identifies and challenges internal customer’s needs in order to provide him with the best materials, goods and services at the best price and is warrant of their delivery in terms of quantity, quality and time. He / She is in charge of sourcing goods and services for both for production and general operations, taking advantage of the acquisition of the technical and economic knowledge.

He/She will cover Slovenia plant & Eastern Europe entities (..)

He/She will be in charge of Indirect Categories (MRO, Transport, Services etc..), with possible extension to direct categories

Job description


He/she is in charge of the purchasing process including the following steps:

Definition of the needs
Qualification of potential suppliers
Request for quotation & Quotation analysis
Contract proposal
Issuance of orders and follow-up
Supply contract management
Supplier performance management
Support to category strategy definition

He/she contributes to the definition of the needs in cooperation with internal services and validates with the hierarchy. He/she collects any relevant information to support this definition and keeps tracks of all documents created in that frame.
He/she seeks for all potential suppliers able to satisfy the needs of the internal consumers, in the frame of the group SQM (Supplier Quality Management) using all available source of information such as publications, professional network, internet website and exhibition. He/she aims at favouring suppliers able to create value to his company with competitive price and condition and/or innovative solutions. He/she ensures a timely follow-up of the suppliers’ panel and proposes its optimization with regular reviews.
He/she applies for quotations in order to ensure a timely and undisputed benchmark of all possible offers. He/she proceeds with a formal and written request for quotation for strategic goods or services and whenever a relevant amount is at stake. He/she selects the potential vendors based on their ability to fulfil the needs of the internal customers.
He/she performs an efficient negotiation using all his skills to achieve the goal originally defined while keeping the supplier in a position to build-up or consolidate long-term relationships. He/she validates the conclusion of the negotiation with the supplier and keeps track of such conclusion. He/she also collects, updates and keeps track of all relevant information on the supplier and its activity such as organization, volumes, market share, turnover, innovation capacity, short term strategy etc ...
He/she provides all elements to finalize contracts and award supplier, whenever requested by his/her hierarchy or acts on his/her own within the limits set by his/her hierarchy and/or company internal rules. He/she applies and respects internal rules for the validation of the contracts.
He/she edits, transmits and follows the orders of materials goods and services. He/she supports the internal client claims to the suppliers and ensures a timely feedback and follow-up of possible corrective actions in order to eliminate all possible sources of non-conformity.
May add the contract management and the supplier management activities
He/she manages his/her activity by respecting values, Business Code of Conduct and Compliance policies applicable in the Group.
He/she reports to hierarchy with the requested dashboard and thus proceed with the collection an verification of the necessary data
He/she also ensures needed visits at the suppliers or invites suppliers to meeting at his premises in order to get a comprehensive understanding of the supplier’s situation and capability and a follow-up of the business. He/she aims at evaluating which extra value the supplier can offer to his company in order to improve his/her performance and/or reduce his costs. A visit report is issued and transmitted to hierarchy for any relevant supplier’s visit with conclusions and plan of action.
He/she also proposes improvements of our process, tools to secure quality & the savings generation in a sustainable way.

> Studies / Experience
Economics or Technical Engineering diploma
Experience in industrial company in a similar position as Purchaser/Buyer on direct and indirect purchases

> Specific skills

Knowledge of MS Office tools
Excellent negotiation skills

> Languages

Proficient in Slovenian and at least intermediate level of English, Croatian would be an additional advantage;

> Personality

Confortable working with difficult situation and complex issues;
Well-organized, capacity to manage big volumes of information;
Team worker, has good communication skills;
Motivated and positive;
Responsible and result oriented;
Honest and reliable;
High motivation to learn.

> Travel Required

Frequent travels


Direct report : General Manager - IKT
Funcional report : Asia Zone Financial Controler
Location : Bangkok, Thailand
Department : Finance

Job summary :
Guides financial decisions by collecting, interpreting, and reporting in a timely manner reliable data about company’s financial situation and advising management on needed actions.
He/she enhances the accuracy of the reported financial results, and ensures that reported results comply with generally accepted accounting principles, statutory regulations, and WINOA group requirements.
He/she maximizes return on financial assets by establishing and implementing appropriate internal controls, maintains the best financial practices, policies and procedures.
He/she guaranties the compliance of company accounting practices with Company’s compliance policies.
Lead other company functions such as Human Resources and General Admin.

Job description :

> Finance
Accurately prepares monthly and yearly management accounts in accordance with the internal Group procedures and local legislations.
Supervises the preparation and submission of the complete set of Regional and Corporate reporting in a timely manner
Prepares the annual Budget and monthly Forecasts
Controls production costs and overheads
Monitors the entity’s performance and achieves budget objectives by scheduling expenditures, analyzing the profitability, and initiates corrective actions
Provides clear, synthetic and relevant explanations to the Management on variances with the Budget, rolling forecasts, Y-1. Is able to efficiently communicate with the Management and peers in order to point out and alert on potential issues
Is responsible for operating reviews and identifying business process improvements
Safeguards the company’s assets. Prepares the Cost Benefit Analyses for Capital Expenditures
Ensure Company compliance with all relevant commercial, legal, and statutory laws and regulations. Establish and maintain Corporate Governance best practices. Enforce compliance with the Company's Code of Business Conduct. Promptly disclose any confirmed or potential non-compliances to hierarchical and/or functional supervisor(s).
Establish and maintain a system of Internal Controls consistent with best practices to safeguard company assets and to protect against any financial improprieties.
Supervises the relationship with statutory auditors and ensure the compliance of accounts with local regulations
Credit management: Defines and manages along with the Credit Committee the credit limits for each customer, in accordance with the Group procedure. Actively follows the collection of overdue
Cash management: manages the cash in accordance within the framework provided by the Group Treasury department. Liaises with Banks and financial institutions Negotiate bank loans and renewals. Preparation of cash flow forecasts
Manages legal (Permanent Files and legal secretariat), insurance (handling of the local insurance policies and contact for Group insurance policies) and administrative affairs
Manages daily tax operations, tax issues and audits. Liaises with tax authorities
Manages labor legislation and disputes
Completes ad hoc assignments given by the Zone FC & Company/Zone MD
Ensuring adherence to company policies and procedures
Team Management: Recruits, counsels, and coaches subordinates. Sets objectives and supervises the appraisals. Defines development plan and succession plan of each Finance associate

​> HR
Share accountability with site/zone leadership in order to reach and exceed company’s KPIs
Interprets and administers bargaining agreements in respect to grievances, wage and benefits, union and management practices and other contractual stipulations
Administer compensation, benefits and performance management system by Corp standard and alignment
Consistent application of site work rules, company policy and procedures
Assure fair and equitable treatment of employees and compliance with all applicable laws and policies
Drive effective communications process
Responding to various HR reporting requests on a timely basis

> Studies / Experience
Bachelor’s degree in business, accounting or finance
Management experience (> 5 years)
Extensive experience in Accounting, Costing and Financial reporting
Experience in manufacturing environment preferred
Experience in a multinational company preferred
Knowledge in AS400 or exposure to SAP or a similar ERP system
Knowledge of Hyperion reporting software is an advantage

> Specific skills
MUST be deadline driven
Proficient at Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, high mastery of Excel
Clear and efficient oral and written communication skills (in person, email, phone)
Leadership skills
Problem solving skills

> Languages
Fluent written and oral English and Thai

> Personality
Organized, detail-oriented, proactive, hard-working, with ability to grasp the big picture
Works well in a team
Team builder

> Travel Required
Travels might be required on a punctual basis, to attend business reviews and finance seminars


Direct report : Group ERP & Business Intelligence Team Manager
Location : Le Cheylas (Isère) France
Department : IT

Job summary :
Working at a group level, within a ten people team located in the Headquarters, the ERP Project Manager will lead projects on or linked to the bespoke Group ERP

Job description :

> Projects
Lead several simultaneous projects
Manage the pre project phase, collect and analyse needs
Organize plannings, has the responsability of quality/cost/delivery
Write and maintain the projects documents
Have a warning role

> Fonctional
Be a support for Finance, internal control
Be the guarantor of optimization and evolution of the applications according to the Group strategy.
Be guarantor of applications alignment and of the harmonization of tools & solutions at a Group level.

> Management of ‘on site’ services providers
Write analysis and technical specifications for the developers team
Technical and administrative follow-up

> Studies / Experience
EDI experience
ERP experience
Projects lead and management, assessment and commitment on workloads and costs

> Specific skills
Very good skills on office tools and project management tools (Gantt, MS Project).
AGILE method will be a plus
Knowledge on OS400 Operating System and Control Language
ARCAD (versioning management)
RDI (development)
EDI private and/or public

> Languages
Fluent French / English

> Personality
Very good relationship, listening and communication in all situations
Service oriented but knowing how to set limits
Sense of responsibility and team spirit
Quiet but reactive and agile
Driving force, in behavior but also technically
Positive, curious and logical
Mindful of the sustainability of projects and achievements
Analytical and synthesis capabilities always with pragmatism, clarity, efficiency and rigor
Hight of view and facilities to provide a global view and synthetic information
Capability to create executive summaries
Writing and process modeling capabilities

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