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<![CDATA[Winoa, the green leader ]]> 2017-02-09 00:00:00  
Winoa not only offers environmentaly-friendly solutions for surfaces enhancement but also prides itself in producing them while minimizing its own environmental footprint.
At present, 100 % of our manufacturing facilities are certified ISO 14001 (Environmental management system) !
Our motto is "green services produced by green procedures".
<![CDATA[ASCOATINDO Conference and Exhibition - Bali, 26-27 October 2016]]> 2016-12-07 00:00:00

Ascoatindo is a forum for professionals in the field of coating in Indonesia, dedicated to coating manufacturers,suppliers, coating users, academics, related industries and other stake holders, established since August 17, 2006 in Bandung.
This forum is supported by the Government institutions, Oil & Gas industries, Education institutions and professionals in the field of corrosion, coating and cathodics protection.
Ascoatindo Conference and Exhibition invited their members and related industry and institutions professionals involved in coating, which is one of Winoa target segments for surface preparation market.
Winoa participated in this exhibition as a support to one of its distributors in Surabaya Indonesia, to expand its products and services notoriety in the surface preparation market.
This market, main user of silica sand as a blasting material, starts to think to invest in their proper blasting material and equipment due to the government regulation and quality expectation.
With a well located booth near the entrance, all the visitors could catch a sight of the Winoa booth and many of them searched for company profile and commercial offer information.
The Winoa team introduced to the visitors the full range of products, technologies and services dedicated to the Surf Prep market.
Attending the Ascoatindo Conference and Exhibition built more strong relationships with our
Indonesian distributor, and allowed to strengthen the notoriety of the Winoa Group and its leader brand W Abrasives in the Indonesian surface preparation market, especially to address blasting and coating contractors.
<![CDATA[Marmomacc 2016]]> 2016-12-07 00:00:00  

Marmomacc 2016 – one of the most important stone fair worldwide - was held in Verona from September 28th to October 1st. 
Our MEIA team members and colleagues from the Italian team attended the fair as visitors. The team got the opportunity to visit the stands of our world-wide clients discussing operational topics and sharing views on the market situation and future trends, driven by the development of alternative cutting technologies.
Technology limitations and cost of new cutting technologies make the use of traditional gang saws still economical and cost effective, and some companies are still installing second hand gang saws, as confirmed during the Fair.
In this context, Winoa role is to keep on providing the world-wide re-known service level and its consultancy approach tailored on clients’ specific needs, both key success factors to support our clients in the challenging ahead
Black granites are still trendy and this is the segment where most of our Indian clients are currently active.
We noticed a better and less gloomy mood in some of our clients in India, and this is auspicious for the year to come.
Saudi Arabia, one of the major granite market, is still affected by the slow-down in local construction sector and the cut in budget expenditure: new budget expected to be released in December will let us understand whether some funds will be diverted to the mega projects that have been driven the growth of granite cutting industry in the country in those last years.
This fair is the right place to get an idea of the business opportunities.
<![CDATA[56th Foundry International Conference – Portoroz - Slovenia]]> 2016-12-07 00:00:00 The annual foundry conference of Portorož in Slovenia has become a traditional and serious meeting point for experts and professionals for exchange of information and experiences at the interface between the European countries in the middle of Europe and the South-East. The Slovenian hosts, at the head the President of the Slovenian  Foundrymen´s society, Mrs. Mirjam Jan-Blazic, always find the right composition for an interesting program.
This year she welcomed Dipl.-Ing Andrew Turner (WFO), Prof. Andreas Bührig-Polaczek (Head of the Foundry Institute RWTH Achen), Dr. Christian Wilhelm (BDG), Dipl.Ing. Gerhard Schindlbacher and Prof. Peter Schumacher (ÖGI)., 
Abrasiv Muta, the Winoa Group Slovenian Sister company, participated in the 56th International Foundry Conference from 14 - 16 September in Portorož and met with existing and potential business partners in the field of foundries.
They successfully introduced the PREMIUM products series under the worldwide brand of the group, W Abrasives, their NEW TOOLS and BENEFITS to support their customers in their activity in the  foundry field.
<![CDATA[Indometal Exhibition]]> 2016-11-24 00:00:00 Jakarta, 25 – 27 October 2016
Indometal Exhibition 2016 is a three days exhibition held on 25 – 27 October 2016, at Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, Indonesia.
This event showed the machinery and product ranging from Foundry technology, casting product, metallurgy to thermo process technology.
The exhibitors come from 296 local companies and international market leader from 26 countries.
The exhibition is one of the largest trade exhibitions in the foundry market segment in Indonesia.
Winoa Asia participated in this exhibition in cooperation with its distributor in Indonesia. As a market leader, Winoa promoted its new product range and the Premium series to explore new market segment.
Winoa introduced its range Special products as Stelux and Cut Wire as a new product and its range of Premium product like Hybrid shot, Profilium and HPG. 
Winoa displayed a sample of its standard, Premium and Special series.
Winoa showed the customers benefits to choose W Abrasives brand as its key success factor through posters and animation highlighting the technical service support and the WALUE approach delivered to the customers.
Participated in the Indometal Exhibition 2016, allowed Winoa to strengthen its relationship with his distributor and placed Winoa as a key player in the foundry market. 
<![CDATA[SEA JAPAN 2016]]> 2016-04-16 00:00:00 IKK Shot participated in the nation's largest international maritime affair exhibition “SEA JAPAN 2016” held from April 13 to 15 in Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Center.
Premium product “PROFILIUM” and cleanliness measurement device "WA clean" were displayed and our activities such as machine checks or test center trials were introduced.
PROFILIUM is a special blend of abrasive for surface preparation before painting. As for “WA clean”, it is able to evaluate objectively by digitizing surface blast-cleaning grade. “WA clean” in particular attracted attention during the exhibition and several visitors gave voice to their appraisal.
“It is more concrete than the judgment with the reference pictures standardized by ISO 8501-1 and standard evaluation becomes more objective.”
“Operation is very easy, and even an unexperienced user will be able to evaluate it.”
“Because the evaluation standard becomes clear, it’s easier to validate with the subcontracting company the cleanliness grades required by the surface preparation working conditions.”
<![CDATA[A NEW TECHNICAL CENTRE IN HOUSTON, TEXAS (US)]]> 2015-11-26 00:00:00 L' Automne 2015 verra le lancement du nouveau Centre technique du groupe Winoa à Houston, au Texas. Ce nouvel Equipement accueillera les essais et les formations du groupe pour ses clients, mais a également pour vocation de devenir le principal centre de stockage et de distribution pour tout le sud des Etats-Unis. Sa situation en périphérie de Houston, permet au centre de disposer d'un accès facilité aux marchés mexicains, américains et canadiens.

<![CDATA[STONA 2016 - 12th International Granites and Stone Fair ]]> 2016-02-04 00:00:00

W Abrasives est heureux de communiquer partout dans le monde   avec vous : nous vous en remercions !

STONA 2016 – La 12e International Granites and Stone Fair (Foire Internationale des granites et pierres) – a eu lieu à Bangalore, en Inde, du 3 au 6 février.

Le salon, organisé par la Federation of Indian Granite and Stone Industry (FIGSI), a accueilli des exposants et visiteurs en provenance du monde entier. Ce salon est considéré comme un des plus importants du secteur de la pierre naturelle, des machines et équipements de transformation. Il s’agit de présenter la gamme unique de pierres colorées du pays et d’accueillir les sociétés fabriquant une technologie et des équipements relatifs au secteur de taille et de transformation de pierre.
L’édition de cette année a pu remarquer le changement de mode et de couleur du secteur de la décoration intérieure, avec une nette préférence pour  les pierres claires veinées et les couleurs qui s’accordent bien, afin de créer de splendides patchworks. Ces nouvelles surfaces sophistiquées créent une demande pour toutes sortes de produits de niches. Le secteur funéraire était également très présent, exposant des stèles originales. Les allées étaient pleines de visiteurs déambulant entre les stands et les pavillons spécialisés ; cet endroit est idéal pour les exposants à la recherche du salon ou d’un contrat parfait.  

Notre équipe MEIA  et nos réseaux de ventes ont présenté une gamme complète de solutions d’optimisation de découpe de pierre pour la clientèle. Le Groupe Winoa est reconnu comme une des entreprises de premier plan mondial en termes de services locaux, et nos clients se sont arrêtés avec plaisir pour discuter et passer un agréable moment d’échange de connaissance.
Nous avons pu procéder à une démonstration des avantages d’une découpe à l’aide d’une grenaille fine, grâce à nos outils de simulation. Plusieurs rendez-vous d’essai ont été pris pour l’année à venir.

Nous avons orienté nos clients transformant le granit dur vers notre produit Premium « Granitium », et quelques acteurs majeurs ont été impressionnés par les performances de ce produit.
Cette année, nous avons pu constater une baisse d’intérêt pour les machines multifilaires, moins de nouvelles machines ont été installées et nous avons noté une préférence pour le travail dans un cadre plus traditionnel.

Des signaux positifs sont ressortis de ce salon de quatre jours, motivés par une disponibilité éventuelle de nouvelles sources de matériaux bruts qui pourrait mener à des activités de marketing et de promotion en dehors du pays, nous amenant à nourrir l’espoir d’un possible développement futur de la pierre naturelle.

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