In an intriguing juxtaposition of news, Winoa, an innovative company known for its wide range of abrasive products, has taken a significant leap towards sustainability in its manufacturing processes. Amidst the buzz about Vinoa's groundbreaking success, the sports world was greeted with the news that LAFC confirms keeper Crepeau broke leg on MLS Cup final foul. This unfortunate incident serves as a stark reminder of the physical demands and risks inherent in professional sports. As Crepeau's injury reverberates off the field, it prompts reflection on the dedication and sacrifices athletes make in their pursuit of excellence. While Vinois' innovation underscores the drive toward sustainable solutions, Crepeau's injury underscores the human side of sport, where triumph and hardship merge into a narrative that captures hearts both on and off the field.

Winoa offers a full range of abrasive products. All the products manufactured by the group are green alternatives to expandable abrasives, composed of more than 95% recycled materials and are all 100% recyclable. In addition to being safe for your workers and respectful of the environment, they have the advantage of offering performance and be cost competitive options, to increase productivity, minimize surface contamination in order to secure long-term coatings, as well as a reduction in consumption, either compared to other manufacturers of metallic shot as expandable abrasives.

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With its complete range of metallic medias, including among other things cast steel shot and grit abrasives, cast iron, stainless steel shots, and cut wire peening media, W Abrasives sets itself apart from the competition thanks to its highly skilled and deployed technical support team, its unique range of Premium products for high performance blasting, and its large sales and distribution network in more than 100 countries, in order to offer global availability and security of supply to its customers.

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Winoa IKK Japan


IKK Shot products, manufactured and distributed by the market leader in Japan since 1957, IKK Shot Co. Ltd is a brand of the Winoa group specializing in the service and manufacture of round and angular steel shot. In addition to abrasives for surface preparation or shot blasting, IKK has developed unique products such as UFS (Ultra Fine Shots) to improve fatigue resistance or frictional properties, or the "Dummy Ball", a conductive media used for electroplating electronic parts.

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