In 2011 we created the Winoa Academy, our own internal university. The Academy’s objective is to maintain a high level of expertise and to ensure consistent skill development amongst all our personnel.


We operate in a very technical sector which requires a wide range of skills and a true capacity to adapt. Training is therefore an essential key to our competitiveness. That is why we created our internal university in 2011, the Winoa Academy; a complement to training programmes already carried out in our subsidiaries.

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The aim is simple: ensure the consistent development of skills amongst all our personnel to effectively support Winoa’s ambition. 


Winoa Academy provides a wide range of training programmes to meet our specific requirements. All our training programmes are conducted by high-level trainers, including integration processes, training for assumption of duties, professional development, etc. Sessions take place at head office and in our subsidiaries.

Given the pertinence of the training programmes to our activities, Winoa Academy is the ideal solution for training our employees throughout their careers. Many themes are covered, including safety, compliance, negotiating, cross-disciplinary management, as well as more technical subjects like blasting - our core activity - or product codification. 


The first weeks for a new employee in a company are crucial. To address this, we have put in place an integration process adapted to each newcomer. Information about the group, how it is organised, processes relative to the position, meeting main contacts, and presentation of individual objectives and their association with company objectives: these are all important steps in the assumption of duties, helping to give sense to the person’s mission. 


Apart from the integration process, we have developed cycles of standardised training to meet the specific requirements of some of our activities. For example, our sales teams take part in the Winoa START programme which helps them to understand the commercial strategy, products, services and all the tools made available by the Group.

This programme begins in the employee’s own country, supervised by their manager and local experts, then continues in France at head office. The aim is to create an effective network for exchange between the Group’s different sales teams and technical experts.


We have also created a training programme for the Group’s managers: Managing the SMART Way with seminars, workshops and webinars. This programme brings together managers from very different horizons, cultures and professions to share and compare their practices.


Training is an investment in the self-fulfilment of each and every one of our employees. Our long-term collective performance is optimised through the development of individual expertise. And as is usually the case when it comes to human resources, the results are amazing and exceed expectations.